Zambeef Plc

Zambeef at a glance

Robust business model of vertical integration

Zambeef Products PLC ("Zambeef", the "Company", or, together with its subsidiaries the "Group") is one of the largest vertically integrated food retailing brand in Zambia.

The Group is principally involved in the production, processing, distribution and retailing of beef, chicken, pork, milk, dairy products, eggs, stockfeed and flour. The Group also has large row cropping operations (principally maize, soya beans and wheat), with approximately 7,971 hectares of row crops under irrigation, which are planted twice a year and a further 8,623 hectares of rainfed/dry-land crops available for planting each year. The Group is also expanding its West Africa operations in Nigeria and Ghana.

Our vertically integrated business model provides for strong foundations for growth and:

  • Underpins margin capture and value add;
  • Secures supply chain; and
  • Reduces risk and earnings volatility.

Key facts

  • One of the largest irrigated row cropping operations in Zambia.
  • Approximately 7,971 Ha irrigated and approximately 8,623 Ha rainfed, arable, developed land available for planting each year.
  • Crop production focused on soya beans during summer and wheat during winter.
  • In 2016, Zambeef Cropping division produced 39,942 tonnes soybean (2015: 36,253 tonnes); 40,643 tonnes wheat (2015: 48,759 tonnes); 33,032 tonnes maize (2015: 22,973 tonnes); and 27,334 tonnes maize silage (2015: 29,713 tonnes).
  • 125,000 M.T. storage capacity.
  • Farming division provides raw materials input (wheat, soybean, and maize) for further value add processing withing the Group.

Key facts

  • One of the largest suppliers, processors and distributors of beef in Zambia.
  • Six beef abattoirs and three feedlots located throughout Zambia, with a capacity to slaughter 115,000 cattle and feedlot 30,000 grain-fed cattle p.a. In 2016, Zambeef slaughtered 69,848 cattle (2015: 57,945).
  • One of the largest chicken and egg producers in Zambia, currently producing 9.9 million day-old chicks p.a.; processing 6.75 million chickens p.a. (2015: 6.69 million); and producing over 40.2 million eggs p.a. (2015: 39.3 million).
  • One of the largest piggeries, pig abattoir and pork processing plants in Zambia, with a capacity to slaughter 100,000 pigs p.a. In 2016, Master Pork slaughtered 69,644 pigs (2015: 52,938), of which 9,478 pigs came from Zambeef's own Nkumba piggery.
  • One of the largest dairy farms and milk processing plants in Zambia, with approximately 2,321 dairy cattle, of which 1,000 are currently lactating and producing over 7.4 million litres of milk p.a. (2015: 6.4 million litres). With the addition of third-party milk purchases the dairy/milk plant processed over 14.8 million litres of milk during 2016 (2015: 12.4 million).
  • Meat processing plants handled and distributed over 40,000 M.T. of processed meats in 2016.
  • Meat and dairy processing plants add value in producing yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, cheese, butter, milk based juices and processed meat products.
  • Beef, pork and dairy operations are currently working towards FSSC 22000 compliance.

Key facts

  • One of the leading animal feed suppliers in Zambia and the surrounding region, with a capacity of 14,000 M.T. p.m. (Lusaka plant). In 2016, Novatek produced over 150,000 tonnes of stockfeed (2015: 130,000 tonnes).
  • Second feed mill to be commissioned in the Copperbelt during Q1/2017, with a capacity of 11,333 M.T. p.m.
  • Over 75 per cent. of Novatek's stockfeed production is for the large and growing poultry sector.
  • Apprimately 35 per cent. of Novatek's production is for internal consumption within the Zambeef Group; the balance of 65 per cent. is sold in the external market, both within Zambia and the surrounding region.
  • Novatek's stockfeed marketing and distribution aided by over 92 branded Novatek agency distribution points and 10 Novatek outlets in Zambia.
  • Novatek products have been certified by the Zambian Bureau of Standards (ZS 017, ZS 018 and ZS 019) and Novatek is also ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 22,000 (Food Safety Management) certified.

Key facts

  • Vast majority of Zambeef products retailed directly to end consumer, in a value added form, through the Group's extensive retail distribution network.
  • 57% of Zambeef's turnover is through its retail network.
  • Currently 140 retail outlets in Zambia: 83 retail outlets, 10 macro stores, 4 fast food outlets, 10 Novatek outlets, two Zamshu outlets and 31 Shoprite butcheries.
  • Currently 31 retail outlets in West Africa: six retail outlets and 20 Shoprite butcheries in Nigeria; and five Shoprite butcheries in Ghana.
  • Shoprite butcheries throughout Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana provide an existing opportunity for the Zambeef Group, in partnership with Shoprite.
  • Total Shoprite butcheries of 56: Zambia (31); Nigeria (20) and Ghana (5).
  • Zambeef also operates one of the largest ransport and trucking fleets in Zambia and has its own workshop to service and maintain its vehicle fleet.
  • Gives the Group control over logistics and distribution.

Key facts

  • Wheat mill with a capacity to mill 30,000 M.T. of wheat p.a. In 2016, the wheat mill produced 9,820 tons of flour (2015: 12,720 tons).
  • Wheat mill add value to the wheat from the Zambeef farms, producing flour.
  • One of the largest tonneries in Zambia, with a processing capacity of 100,000 hides p.a. In 2016, the tonnery processed 97,533 hides (2015: 100,510 hides).
  • One of the largest shoe plants in Zambia with a processing capacity of 90,000 pairs p.a. In 2016, the shoe plant produced 67,746 pairs of shoes (2015: 89,197 pairs).
  • Tonnery and shoe plant add value to the by-product of teh beef abattoir division (cattle hides); producing leather, indistrial footwar and protective leather clothing.
  • Zamshu has received ISO 20345 certification for some of its mining sector boots.


Group structure

Zambeef Plc

Geographical representation

Zambeef Plc
1. Zambia2. Nigeria3. Ghana
  • 83 Zambeef outlets
  • 10 Zambeef macros
  • 4 Zamchick inns
  • 10 Novatek outlets
  • 2 Zamshu outlets
  • 31 Shoprite butcheries
  • 20 Shoprite butcheries
  • 6 Master Meats outlets
  • 5 Shoprite butcheries

Vision and strategy

Our vision is to be one of the most accessible and affordable quality protein providers in the Southern Africa region, delivered through the Group's extensive retail and distribution network.

Strategic priorities

Zambeef has an established and proven strategy of providing high quality end products to its customers. Over the past ten years, we have built the Group into a broad, vertically integrated retail and agricultural business with a robust supply chain which creates added value and reduces financial volatility.

Our priorities, continue to be focused on:

  • the retailing of cold chain meat and dairy products;
  • where appropriate, forging strategic alliances and partnerships with acknowledged industry players;
  • unlocking value and capital gains from within the Group and reducing debt/gearing; and
  • developing the business into a regional food supplier.